, a soft art project.・。.・*

Multidisciplinary art project with a craftysoul founded by Audrey and Alex, both trained graphic designers with a specialization in illustration and screen printing. The idea came from a desire to have a space and a platform where they can express their creativity as they see fit in a pleasant atmosphere, without pressure and without constraints.

After more than a year of creations under the name ronron.clubthe project now has recurring themes. The guideline - through their childlike illustration style and the pastel colors used - is to encourage everyone to keep their childlike hearts. After a year of pandemic with several periods of isolation at home, it is now clear that the main mission of is to bring sweetness into everyone's daily life, whether it's on a favorite piece of clothing or in the decor of a feel good room. Art has the power to comfort, to soften, to create a relaxing and reassuring atmosphere. The goal is to make feel like a big hug. Or rather, that Or rather, that your cat starts purring and comes to lie on you because he feels that you don't feel it. started with screen printed sweaters, embroidered accessories and some prints. Now, we want to promote all kinds of items, objects, decorations, art pieces that reflect the crafty and cute spirit of ronron.clubAll of this through mediums that fit perfectly with the concept of softness and comfort. Whether it's print, paint, embroidery, punch needle, zine, carpet or other!

AUDREY (elle/she) is a Montreal-based artist with a degree in Graphic Design. She has already won a Grafika award and the respect of the alley cats. She is a bit impulsive and (((all over the place))). She is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator, works at the CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal as a technician and manages!

Instagram: @lordzyboo

ALEX (he/it) is a sweet graphic designer and illustrator who has been living in the old capital for 3 years. Graduated in Graphic Design at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in 2018, he dreams of a third link that would connect Quebec City and paradise.

Instagram: @chatonron in three words is...

cute crafty comforting

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